Cambridge Street
From Boston town, Leverett Circle draw bridge down
Cross the Charles, North Point, 
Museum of Science, Lechmere
Willie Alexander told you about Mass Ave.
I’m telling you ‘bout Cambridge Street
2x On Cambridge Street
The suitcase lady going up and down, 
5 suitcases all year round 
Post office counter, Nancy and Karen
Curio Coffee, makin’ liege waffles
Courthouse Seafood two blocks later New Deal
how a neighborhood s’posed to feel
2x On Cambridge Street
Lone Star best pancakes I’ve found
Mezcal drink shakes good sound
Heard live music down at Atwood's
Dan Stuart, Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls
Clay pot cooking at Muqueca
Caipirinha chrushin' mint sweet & strong
2x On Cambridge Street
Cristina’s Ice Cream always there 
You got to clarify: Vanilla or Vanilla Bean
Highland Fried, Bukowski’s, S&S
Gather Here - make something, 
All included, all welcome
Lilypad might have a show, 
Nots played, Numero Group had pop-up shop
1369 pull espresso shots
band flyers on the wall living art
Punjabi Dhaba, roadside eats
bhangra dancing on the screen
2x On Cambridge Street
On Cambridge Street  2x
(hey Erik, livin' behind Sacred Heart)
On Cambridge Street 2x
(Carl, see you down street from Harrington School)
On Cambridge Street 4x
Goblin Song
Frolic in brine, goblins be thineRingu

Walked down a road and what did I see
some kind of Goblin walking up to me
he said to me without moving at all
son I could show you anything at all

I thought that he was fooling me
so I said “Goblin will that be free”
shift the sidewalk shared a sign
Frolic in brine, goblins be thine

And then he turned yeah	

I looked at him and he looked looked at me
oh God I’m atop the highest tree
instantly my mind it knew
seashells and cockles and shades of you
While we move beneath dark skies
whose giant clouds move - watch there
Having depth with no substance
just like a cloud - I was inside
but then you changed me, awareness grew.
I was alone, what should I do?

Cold winds blow down my chest
what will come next, I know this is a cliche
but I can’t think of a better way
Looking out to the Sound sails filled and children play
why do I wear these glasses
filter out the bright of day - always

And then something falls
then someone stops
then we grow old
then we’re apart
Light Purple
Lavenders pinks daisies in chains
I need new thoughts to rearrange
now this feeling that’s overtaking me
take a good look out, can’t you see now

Blue eyes and blue skies and then
blistery white clouds in your hands
tiny white dots move the sky
what happens to you when I lie

The little prince has landed now
I was all thumbs but somehow
it worked for awhile at least I know
now you’re beyond my reach I’m sure
Remote, remoter time to start over
looking for some hope at least you don’t have to shoot dope

Remote, remoter isolation loner
come out once again she has done everything you told her

Scatter brainer, life just gets insaner
available information will help you to detain her

Switching on by remoter you are the remoter
Powered by love the kind that comes from far down low or high above
We’re All Children
Jump like a light bulb, triangular brain
Take your vitamins, feel your pain

Amplify a whisper, shout my name 
Feeling lots of love with concentrated strain

We’re going home, we’re going home
We’re going home, we’re all children, we’re going home
Cool love, new colors
the feeling of advanced crystal
Each one of us is climbing a hill

So I roll, and stare 
(is he really looking anywhere at all)
go through
A lighter way, I didn’t know

Question yourself, cross examine
Makes you feel so crude, so crude
Shake it out or get if off the new styles
No one use me, use me

Feel it out
Mind of tricks
Frustrated internal reflection
Frustrated internal reflection frustrated

Four colors going by all at a time
lost with you here I want sci-fi
Those things you showed me I just couldn’t keep
checked them out closely 
they’re yours to keep if you want

Feel it out
Mind of tricks
Frustrated internal reflection
Frustrated internal reflection frustrated

Frustrated internal reflection
Frustrated internal reflection frustrated
Friend Of The Month Club
Friend, Friend of the month club
is that all I’m joining now

Wanted to let it out, wanted to see
wanted to find out if it could be
You had me for a year, maybe more
now I found out just what its for

Friend of the month club is that what I’m joining

While you were out Telephoned please call
Called to see you call again urgent
wants to see you returned your call message

Calculator decision making sourcebook for your devastating
Friend of the month club is that what I’m joining

[repeat from beginning]

Friend, Friend of the month club
is that all I’m joining now

Is that all that I’m joining 
Is that all that that I am joining
Is that all that that I am joining
Magic Jar
Its a magic jar when it never empties
when each thought slides right in
it’s a cared-for jar when its a 
telephone and you are connected
somewhere- to - somewhere- to me

Look to faces for salvation
look too fast you’ve passed it by
Look too slowly its passed you by
look at me when I’m talking to you

Its a magic card that we’ve played for so long
It has shortened while we’ve grown
now you won’t play and I’m the dealer
trapped inside the lyric to this song
The Offer
Sometimes I, sometimes I ride, sometimes I writhe
Sometimes I

Two times I, two times I’ve lost, two times I’ve spun
Two times one

Come to this mind, come just in time
I’ve looked out

Now I can see, that you want me
but not for what I have to offer

I’ll say goodbye my love
I can still write you once in a while
but you can’t expect more from me
not anymore
Take A Chance
Went downtown, 
oval lit windows and other sounds
went to the ones I had heard about, 
I heard that it was to you

Looked and found, 
decided that I would leave you there
felt like a ghost and Scrooge’s heir, 
took one last look, I was gone

Because I’ve looked (looked look)
I can do anything that I want
I can make my hair have a bouffant
might as well choose to have fun

So I found,
a new kind of window, another face
we’re still walking but it’s so great
now that I’m walking with you
We can touch

Because I’ve looked (looked look)
and I’ve turned around more than once,
to meet new eyes at a glance,
please please please take a chance

Take a chance with me
Vale Of Tears
A blind that shuts out light
a door that lets in cold
A boy that has no hope
a girl that’s given up

A car has taken all my money
so I can’t cop now I feel funny
if you can see the design of it all
let me in on it, let me through that door

These and more are under my vale of tears
My gun is cocked and I see clear
Agonizing time for those who hear
my death-cry lasts for more than a year

Lasts for more than a year
What I Can’t See
Sit on a beach, my arms around you
talk in low voices of things we might do
To hold you close, to see nothing else
to feel the warm, where there’s no sun
where there’s no sun, no sun

To pick you up, after a hard day
tensions fly away
To call your name, smile when you answer
take you away, a place we are alone
Now we’re alone!

Confide in me, loves not complete
you’re lonely deep where I can’t reach.
You need to open a brand new door now
I have to look at what I can’t see,
at what I can’t see
at what I
What I can’t see
Cloven Hooves
Would you like me better with Cloven hooves
a true reflection of me
Visible manifestation of the evil that I see?

Should I deny it or should I celebrate the way I feel
Ancient feelings and desires with which I must deal

Cloven Hooves

I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
But I know that this is not the way it is to be

So I put aside these thoughts
Those that bother me
Pray to God to remove the obsessions that I see

Cloven Hooves
Years Of Your Life
May all the magic of seven 
bring you love and happiness
in this year of your life

May all the magic of seven 
bring you love and happiness
in this year of your life

of your life
they came and they told a story
about the ones who had entered
beyond that door
and they came back with a tale of glory
for the ones who dare not enter there
for your life, I wandered and set you free
for your life, so that you don’t have to see
for your life, the horrors that I’ve been through
for your life, like BT82